Resonant Traces is a collaborative installation created with visual artist Emily Harris installed in the office of Union Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY. We first devised a general form for writing text scores aimed at prompting performative actions that would excite the acoustic properties of the reverberant architecture studio. Each score would include an action, object, location, relation, and duration. Together with composer Sam Morrison we created and performed a series of these text scores. After recording several realizations of our collective scores Emily chose a dozen actions to trace in space as string drawings. The resulting drawings are installed in the studio in the locations where the sounding actions occurred while the performances can be auditioned at a listening station accompanied by the printed scores. In addition to the recorded performances I created an extra piece Greatest Hits that takes every attack from all of our performances and cuts each sound at the end of its decay. The resulting piece is a 12 minute flow of impulses edited in accordance with the acoustics of the building.