This project is the result of a year of intense insomnia. I began by imagining a heterogeneous keyboard where each key would trigger a different patch. Having a limited number of modules I made 88 patches one at a time, documenting each patch with a 20 minute mono recording. I then devised two plans for combining the entire set of recordings 1.) each sound is heard once in a piece as if the keyboardist had played all 88 notes on the keyboard, 2.) all 88 tracks simultaneously with constantly shifting volume and pan adjustments.

Using SuperCollider I created a simple patch for determining the amplitude and panning adjustments for each of the 88 tracks. I wanted to experience the first version (each patch once) on a number of different time scales which lead to the creation of six different realizations ranging in duration from 1:28 to 46:56.


Realization 1 (1:28)

Realization 2 (2:56)

Realization 3 (5:52)

Realization 4 (11:44)

Realization 5 (23:28)

Realization 6 (46:56)